Walkapolis | Info
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Walkapolis is an ongoing project exploring walking and performance in city environments. The project is done by choreographer and artist Maija Hirvanen, along with teams of other artists and experts.


In the walks, we have amongst many other things dealt with problems and opinions of the participants, caused a temporary (legal) road block and learned how to whistle inwards. Our guides have led us into the worlds of street art, constructive disturbance in the city and culture jamming. We have rolled through the city, everyone on wheelchairs. What we love about working with city walks is the fact that the city can never be fully controlled. Each time, the people you encounter are different, the weather different, the events taking place whilst walking different. Each walk is unique.


First Walkapolis walks took place at Helsinki Festival 2013. 2014 were made together with diverse group of people, who each act as guides to the city, from their unique perspectives. Part of 2014 Walkapolis walks were made in collaboration with New Performance Festival, Turku and Baltic Circle festival, Helsinki.


Walkapolis is produced by Friends of Physical Contemporary Art and supported by the Kone Foundation.